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Personal: Fast, Crazy Times

Oh, well HELLO ALL!

So, this past month and a half (or so) has been absolute insanity!

I have begun some amazing new things, and also encountered quite a few brand new challenges, so I wanted to just update you all and share what’s going on in the little world of Ashley.

First off- many may or may not know that I’ve been in school for quite a while to become an elementary school teacher. Yes, I realize this might not be what you would quite expect someone who aspires to style photo shoots to say, but nevertheless, I love kids, and hope to one day make a difference in a few of their lives. {Also, as a side note, the whole “hey how about I try something crazy and fun like styling as a business” thing has really only begun in the last year or so, whereas my schooling for teaching has been going on for a few years.} ANYwho, so this fall I have started what is called Phase I of my teaching credential. The university I attend offers a piggyback program that I am enrolled in as well, which means I’m working to earn my bachelor’s degree AND my teaching credential at the same time. For those of you who have no idea what I just said, all that means is that when I graduate, I’ll have killed two birds with one stone. What this also means is that my schooling schedule can tend to be a bit hectic, especially since I’ve started what are essentially post-graduate courses while I’m also finishing my undergrad. I’m a busy little bee.

Now, I have always loved school. Call me crazy, call me a nerd, but I love to learn! This is also probably why I would like to become a teacher as well. Here’s the catch: this quarter (my college is also on the quarter system, which is only 10 weeks long!), I have encountered the worst stress related to school I have ever experienced. This is not something I’m accustomed to, since school has always been very enjoyable to me, and has also been fairly easy to handle. But, I digress. Really, this whole situation is pretty dang exciting for me. I’ve been in school for five years now, plus a year off in the middle, so this final stretch is a combination of stress as well as relief that in just a few months, I’ll be done. I will have officially accomplished what I set out to do many years ago, and the even the thought of that is a huge blessing.

Another blessing that’s come of this new, crazy school year is that I have been FORCED to become organized. I really believe that the Lord, is His utmost wisdom and sovereignty, designed that I be hammered with crazy, insane busyness just to teach me a few things. I mean, just since mid-September, I’ve begun using a planner (and actually using, USING it!), managing my time better, and not procrastinating, which is tremendously huge. So, once again, God in His providence, allowed me about a week and a half of panic so that I could start to [just now] settle in to my new schedule and time requirements.

Which brings me to my next little announcement:


Okay, okay, so maybe that’s not a little announcement, but I had to work up to it, guys!!!

Yes, I’m getting married! The Sunday before school started, my wonderful, amazing, godly man of a boyfriend planned a beautiful, amazing, wonderful proposal, and I, of course, said yes. Now, our relationship has been quite the adventure, so needless to say, I’m verrrryyyyy excited!!! Perhaps if anyone is interested as well, I can later divulge the 411 on our engagement. My man is super romantic, so he planned everything carefully and thoughtfully. I just love his big heart!

So, not only am I in the last year of school, but I will be getting married at the end of it! Prayerfully, if all goes as we’ve planned, we’ll be married soon after I graduate. Next summer is looking to be really productive!

:::And, cue the ring picture!:::

SO- this is my lovely vintage ring from around the 1940’s…… Yep………. AND, I die.

I love it so! The fun history of it as well is that it came from the estate jewelry store that used to be inside of Disneyland in New Orleans Square. Unfortunately, this quaint little place closed down this past year. But, if anyone knows me, they know that I love anything Disney related, so the fact that this ring technically came from inside The Happiest Place on Earth, makes me a very happy girl.

I also love how unique this ring is. You can’t really find modern rings like this these days. The band itself is incredibly dainty, and the over all look of the ring, to me, is just stunning.

Alright, so enough of my ramblings.

The main purpose for this post was really to update you all and to ask for continued patience as I have yet to post many projects I have so carefully and lovingly worked on. I’ve been forced to push my creative limits lately, which is always a good thing, and so far, the Lord has blessed me with the results.

I also think the prospect of planning a wedding is so exciting for me because of my recent entry into the world of styling. I can make all of my design dreams come true for mine and my fiance’s big day.

Well, I think that’s all for now! Again, thank you all for your support and (I stress this) patience!

Loves ❤

Oh, and to end off, here ya go!

Yes, this is us on the right being EXTREMELY romantic next to our dear friends Justin and Martha 😉

*Photo courtesy of the lovely Sara Lucero’s wedding photobooth <3*


Inspired! – All About Lace

If you’re like me, you are immediately drawn to anything that is made out of lace. There’s a specific type of beauty that lace offers over any other fabric. As a girl, I can see why lace has been around for so long adorning the wardrobes of women.

In this interest, I did a little research about what lace really is. This is what I found:

The Wikipedia definition (yes, I know, very reliable, right?) of lace is:

Lace is an openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by machine or by hand. The holes can be formed via removal of threads or cloth from a previously woven fabric, but more often open spaces are created as part of the lace fabric. Lace-making is an ancient craft. True lace was not made until the late 15th and early 16th centuries. A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted or braided to other threads independently from a backing fabric.

It’s quite interesting to me that the significance of lace is actually in it’s lack of material and threading. We all know that lace is delicate and threadbare, and truly, that’s what makes it so special.

So, now that we know why lace is actually lace, what kinds of lace are there, anyway?

Each type of lace is categorized by how it’s made. I really don’t understand the different processes myself, so I’ll spare you the gory details. Essentially, there is bobbin lace, made on a pillow with small bobbins (since you’re probably, like me, and have no clue what a bobbin is, we have an image to help)

As you can see, these types of lace tend to be more sturdy, with larger spaces separating the fabric, and thicker patterns in the lace itself:

Cutwork lace is made like it’s name suggests, from cutting away/removing threads from a woven background. The remaining threads are then embroidered on.

These patterns are generally very large and take on a very specific shape. It is also often seen on linens such as handkerchiefs, table cloths, etc.

Next we have knotted lace. Again its all in the name. A definition I found was that it is created by macrame and tatting. For this, I’ll simply insert a photo.

Lastly, we have needle lace. This is the most delicate, complex, and actually the most flexible of the kinds of lace. Many think of this as being the ultimate in lace-making. Many antique laces were made in this fashion, and often, the very very thin thread that was used to make it just isn’t manufactured anymore, which is why vintage lace is so pricey!

This extremely gorgeous lace is really my favorite type. It is beautiful and delicate, and exactly what comes to my mind when I think of the term “lace”

…. I guess we all have expensive taste when it comes down to it.

So, whether you just think lace is pretty, you can create it yourself, or perhaps you’re even a collector of great lace, I personally think it to be one of the most intriguing and beautiful fabrics ever. I even shudder at calling it a fabric, because really, it’s more than that. Anyhow, again, I’m no professional, but I hope this was at least a little enlightening, as it was for me!