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Styled: Fantasy Series Part 4! Royal Victorian

Now for another installment!

Yes, yet another skipped part of this wonderful series!

As we continue to work on these shoots, I feel they are getting better and better. We are really able to find our niche with each shoot and I am really proud to show them to you all. This part of the series is called “Royal Victorian”. Inspired by everything dark, romantic, and royal, we had our very first table set up in this shoot. I think you’ll fall in love with the magical location and romantic look of this shoot just like we did. Oh, and the dress… AMAZE.




We were blessed enough to have this shoot featured on Wedding Chicks! Such an honor. Comment below to let me know what you think of the Fantasy Series! I’ll be posting a sneak peek from our last one soon, so comment to let me know you’d love to see it!

Photography: Kristen Booth

Hair and Makeup: Celeste Styling and Artistry

Props and rentals courtesy of: Etablir Shop


Styled: Fantasy Series Part 3! Secret Garden

I’ve recently realized the depth of how terrible of a blogger I’ve become, and frankly, I’m quite ashamed.

As penance for my extreme lack of participation and showing you all what I have done in the last year and a half or so, I will attempt to play a bit of catch up and show you now!

Many of you know (and may have already seen) that I am a part of a team creating a little something we like to call “The Fantasy Series”. We just shot part 5 of this series a couple of weeks ago, so I will start by catching you all up on this fabulous project! Our fearless photographer, Kristen Booth, is a self-proclaimed fairy tale wedding photographer and this project is really her baby. It truly shows her brand and the ideal bride that her amazing talent would be perfect for. I’ve shown you parts 1 and 2: “Ethereal” and “Queen of the Marine”. Now, I give you our third installment: a magical shoot we called “Secret Garden” that included a pink dress, lace suspenders, and a horse!

Hair and makeup done by the third party in our team: the wonderful and amazing Celeste of Celeste Styling and Artistry. This girl has amazing talent and should be hired by everyone. Go call her! You will NOT be disappointed. Thanks so much also to Brooke and Kirtane, our gorgeous models. We couldn’t have done any of this without your talents!

Anyhow, without further ado, I give you “Secret Garden”, a love story in the spring.





























Sneaky Peeky: Fantasy Series Chapter 3

Hey all!!

So first off, I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long. Life has been crazy and I’ll tell you why: 1st off- I just got married!! Yep! As of June 30th, I became Mrs. Ashley Faria! Unfortunately, as with weddings and other major life changes, my schedule got pretty crazy and the blog definitely was the first to suffer. I really am sorry and I’m working on it!

2nd- because of this crazy wedding thing, hubs and I have been settling into our new home, which doesn’t have any Internet! Yep, I am currently without full access to the world wide web, which extremely inhibits my ability to blog so many wonderful things that I want to share. So, for now I must be content with one image, a sneak peek of what is to come as soon as I can work it out.

What you see below is officially Chapter 3 of the Fantasy Series. If you are unfamiliar, you can check out the “Queen of Marine” and “Ethereal” images in my previous posts. These two were the first in our six part series. And now I can show it to you! As always, huge love for Kristen Booth (photography) and Celeste Bernabe (hair and makeup) for their major talent and cooperation through these shoots. I love our team and I hope you love the product we put our hearts into.

Soon I’ll reveal the rest of this portion of fantasy.


Styled: Black Swan Inspired Editorial

I had such a blast prepping and working on the dresses for this shoot. Sarah of Sarah Ashley Photography came to me with the idea of a Black Swan inspired shoot and I knew I had to get my hands on that project. She wanted the idea to be similar, but not exactly the same. We did two looks: the good swan and the bad swan, complete with killer makeup by Dana Cummings. Sarah, thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to stretch and experiment creatively with this shoot. It was such a blast!

Both dresses were found on Ebay, but I added some altering and made the tutus to add volume underneath the dresses. Hairpieces were also made by me, and working with all those feathers was pretty stinkin fun!

❤ ❤

Sneak Peek: Styled Black Swan Inspired Fashion Shoot

Hello, hello, hello!

Well I have yet another sneak peek to make you drool. Recently, the awesome Sarah Sotro of Sarah Ashley Photography hired me to do wardrobe styling for a Black Swan inspired fashion shoot. When we met to go over the ideas she had for the shoot, I was incredibly thrilled! Here’s just one shot from the day, featuring our “Dark Swan”.

There will be more to come soon enough. Let me know what you think!

❤ ❤