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Personal: Do you IG?

For me, Instagram has become something that’s more than an app on my phone.

It’s a way of connecting to other people, finding new talent, finding new inspiration, communicating with loved ones, and even networking for business! The possibilities of posting pictures and showing a bit of yourself to the world has proven to be endless.

So: do you Instagram?

If you do: follow me! My UN is Patternsonwalls (go figure). We’ll have some fun together during my simple daily life.

If you don’t: You should! There really are some amazing artists and people that you can find and be inspired by.





Personal: To Sell or Not to Sell….

Hey hey hey!

So lately I’ve been considering some new ventures, one of which I may be revealing and sharing with you soon. The other, I’m actually going to share with you now!

Since I’ve begun my endeavor as a stylist, I’ve accumulated various nick knacks from every shoot. Now, I generally purchase these rather than rent them to try to keep things original, and frankly, because of my inner OCD perfectionist and wanting to find ‘exactly-the-right-thing-that’s-inside-my-brain-to-accomplish-one-specific-task-for-that-one-shoot-ever!’ If I use a prop for one shoot, it literally might just kill me to use it for another. This, alas, has led to an ever-growing collection of stuff. And this stuff is sitting in my ever-growing storage in my ever-shrinking living space. This is also quite the range of stuff: from clothes to vases to my own personal junk to Spanish moss (don’t ask). So, one recent day I was muddling through my crates and massive tupperware boxes that are housing the stuff, and it came to me:

Hey! I could have a blog sale and perhaps give this awesome stuff a new home!

This would accomplish a number of things:

A) I would have less stuff to store myself that may never get used in another shoot of mine, ever.

B) Some other people would have the chance to get some super neat stuff for cheap.

C) My itty-bitty living space gets a tiny bit bigger (temporarily) (also, bonus points if you guess what movie that’s from!)

D) I have a peace of mind that all this stuff will be finding a happy new home where it won’t be put away in dark, cold, lonely spaces….


Now, here’s where YOU come in!

If I’m going to do this blog sale thing, like REALLY do it, I need to know that people are actually interested. If I put a bunch of junk on here and then have no bites whatsoever, then it’s a waste of my time, a waste of your time, a waste of internet space, and, to be honest, I’m a natural-born packrat, so my first inclination is just to forget it all and to just keep everything! SO— I would really appreciate for every reader of this post to vote in the little poll posted below, that way I can see some legitimate statistics. And, for some basic information for those that are curious, the kinds of stuff that would be listed would be as follows: clothes, shoes, purses, vases, photo frames, banners, baskets, books, handmade hair pieces, starfish, shells, etc., etc. All item prices would include shipping, and I would try my best to keep each item pretty reasonably priced as well.

So, if you please, just tell me what you think below! I’m leaving the poll open for about a month, but basically, once I see what I think is a reasonable amount of feedback, I’ll probably make my decision then.

Well, thanks so much for your time, and go right ahead and clickety-click down below!