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Styled: Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Party

So, recently I had the honor of helping my dear friend Celeste prep and style a birthday party for her son, Makailo. This adorable little guy just turned 3! Celeste had the idea of a Dr. Seuss themed party, and boy did we have fun with that theme! I mean, how many possibilities did dear old Mr. Geisel leave for a fun and wacky party?? Please don’t be scared by all the amazing color, and let me know what you guys think of the little details below!

Hope you guys like it, because I had so much fun planning and helping Celeste out.






‘Cause he’s 3!! Duh! 😉











Oh, and also, there may have been a cotton candy machine involved. Children and adults both rejoiced at that one, and with due justification! 😉

❤ ❤


Styled: Baseball Themed Baby Shower

Hey all!

So, I was recently hired to style a boy’s baby shower. The girl who hired me had very specific ideas in mind for a baseball theme with red and blue primary colors. How cute, right??

I had so much fun making these little treasures that I thought I would have to share them with you all. This is a quick little post, but sometimes shorter is sweeter, right?

Hope you enjoy!

These little guys were for the party cupcakes. ❤

The “Team Mom” idea was actually…. my mom’s! This little pennant was a corsage for the expecting mommy.

The lovely lady who hired me asked for a concession sign, which is such an adorable idea, I think.

And lastly, one big pennant to welcome baby!

Laura, thank so much for the opportunity to make these fun party items. I think the theme was such a great idea and had a great time making it all!

Would you ever throw a baseball themed party?

What other ideas would you use? Let me know and show some love in the comments!

❤ ❤ Ash