My name is Ashley Faria, and I am a  photo stylist.

My specialty is in props, set design, and wardrobe, but let’s talk about the real life kind of stuff. I’ve always loved fashion. Maybe not as long as I can remember, but at least since I was about 12. I can remember altering my shoes or wearing colored paper clips as earrings because I loved odd and interesting things. After a few years, this turned into an obsession with watching the runway shows of every main fashion house as soon as fashion week was over. I’ve slowly become acquainted with the world of high fashion, and the designers who make it fabulous. For a while, I even considered going to fashion school so that I could design my very own fabulous clothes. This might be where my love of design comes in. In my opinion, clothing is just another type of decoration or design, so in my world, the two are easily linked. There can be purpose and ingenuity in a chair, as well as an outfit. Everything in the world has an aesthetic of its own, and finding the interesting and wonderful things in that aesthetic just makes life more fun!


Please contact me for questions regarding:

  • Pricing
  • Offered services
  • General questions
  • Business inquiries
  • What my favorite color is

I would love to work with you!


**Background from The Background Fairy**
**Home page image shot by the lovely Kristen Booth**


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