Tutorial || Summer Shirt Refurb Series #1

So, I am incredibly happy to be back and blogging once more. The last year or so has been shamefully absent of blogging and shoots in general, and I am currently revamping a great deal of things in regards to styling. Hopefully there won’t be much delay in my getting a move on all of this, but for now I must leave you in suspense!

Recently my hubs and I did some traveling! Among our travels, we trekked to Washington, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas! We visited friends and family and the past two months have been crazy because of it, but SO MUCH FUN! Well, whilst we were in Texas, we did some thrifting! There have been some trends for this spring and summer that I am really loving, but I prefer to add these things to my wardrobe on a budget. Thrift stores provide the perfect way to experiment and add inexpensive pieces to your wardrobe, so I went a little wild!

So, thus begins (what I hope will be) a DIY series on repurposing tees! Most of these (perhaps all) ideas have been shamelessly stolen from what I’ve seen in stores or ideas from friends or the internet, so please don’t mistake me for being incredibly creative. The main purpose of this is to help others also get ideas and see how simple it is to take cheap and otherwise simple t-shirts and make them into something super fantastic! Hope you all enjoy!! *Oh, and sorry about the quality of the photos!! *


Part 1 in this series shows 2 different styles. First up, we have a large boy’s Batman tee. I’m LOVING the muscle tee look lately and this bad boy was screaming to be turned into one. So, here goes!

MATERIALS: T-shirt, scissors, chalk pencil, ruler

Our original shirt:

Picture 4

I posted this on my Instagram, @patternsonwalls (follow me!) and many folks desired a DIY, so here we are! I absolutely love this tee. I’m not usually a fan of superhero shirts, but to me, this design is too cool to skip.

STEP 1: Measure and cut off sleeves

Depending on how deep you want the arm holes, this part can vary. I measured 3 inches from the bottom of the sleeve, then marked with a chalk pencil. These can be purchased at any fabric or sewing store.


STEP 2: Just cut off the sleeve! I prefer to curve the sleeve in a bit towards the center, then continue to cut right along the sleeve seam.



I recommend trying the shirt on after both sleeves are cut to see how you like the width of the sleeves. This next step will be based on your opinion.

STEP 3: If needed, cut a bit more off of the top of your now-tank-top, like so:


STEP 4: Cut off the collar along the seam. Again, there are allowances for this based on personal preference. You can make the neck deeper, a v-neck, etc., so be creative!

And, here’s our finished product!!!


The classic muscle tee. I love to pair these with a cute tank, crop top, or bralette underneath!


NEXT we have a fringed tank top. I completely stole this idea from my dear friend and killer blogger/crafter/creator Martha! Check out her blog and Etsy shop, because she seriously rocks! She did this with one of her tanks and now constantly wears it. It is so easy and you get the cutest result from minimal work! This works best with cotton tees/tanks, so I recommend only trying it with this type of fabric.

Original tank:


I love the v-neck and fit of this tank.

STEP 1: While wearing the tank, mark how high you want your fringes with your chalk pencil. Mine will be more of a crop top because I want to wear it with high waisted shorts/jeans/skirts.

STEP 2: Use a ruler to make more small marks along the tee to help measure your cutting.


STEP 3: Cut off the bottom hem of the shirt.


STEP 4: Now, cut strips up the shirt from the bottom hem up towards the collar. These can be any size depending on preference, but I think about 1/2 inch makes the best fringe.


Continue this process ALLLL the way around the shirt.



And, yes, I did destroy the AE logo…. whoops.

STEP 5: Now take each strip and pull! Pull hard and roll it a bit between your fingers. This will turn each little strip into a fringe, thus creating:



A fringed bottom! Again, I looove this look (don’t worry, I cut off the destroyed AE logo on the bottom right) and it’s just SO EASY! It spiced up an otherwise boring tank top and now I have a whole new kind of shirt in my wardrobe!

I really hope you guys try these ideas, especially because they are so simple and the result is great and fun! If you happen to try any of these as well, I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram or post a link to your pic I the comments πŸ™‚




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