Inspired! – The Business

No, this is NOT a post about how the design/art/fashion world is inspiring me these days.

It’s a post about my business cards!

I recently was working on an all-out search for the perfect business cards. I had my high ideals and my utopian picture in my head that would absolutely not be changed. THEN I realized that in order to get what I had envisioned as my “perfect” business cards, it would probably cost me an arm and a leg for a hundred tiny rectangles with my name and website on them.

Cue my “Just DIY It!” spirit.

Yes, they took me forever to MAKE MY-STINKING-SELF,  and perhaps this is actually the predictable way to go for me, as a friend promptly told me, “You WOULD make them yourself”. But, in the end, the perfectionist raging inside me was definitely pleased, and just a bit proud. And, with the encouragement of friends, I even decided to create a little slogan for myself, just to make it kitschy:

“Intelligent Style”

So, my dear friends, look at them, ponder them, consider why this girl would be mental enough to make her own business cards, and then ask me for some! Cuz that’s what they’re here for, silly!


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