Party Style: Bean Themed First Birthday Party

I am an obnoxiously proud auntie to three adorable boys. My eldest sister is the proud mommy of three boys, 4 years-old and under! Yes, that’s what I said. The eldest just turned four, the middle will be 3 in another month, and the baby boy turned one.

Because of the spelling of Ean’s name, the family nickname for him has become “Bean”. So, to celebrate our adorable little “Bean”, my sister decided to throw a bean-themed party for his first birthday.

I wanted to keep things pretty simple, but have some cute accents for the decorations, so this pretty much resulted in a couple of signs, lots of bean-filled planters, and the party favors.

The amazing cupcakes were from Piece O’ Cake, a local and amazing cake decorator.

I think it all turned out as cute as my nephew (which is pretty stinkin cute!), and quaint enough for a little party.


Just for our little Bean ❤

The awesome invitations and the main inspiration that my sister made for the event!

Party favors…

Jelly beans, anyone?

String beans

The birthday boy! Yes, he IS the cutest baby you’ve ever seen ❤ ❤ ❤

Menu markers (another treat made by my amazing sister)

Cupcake fantastic-ness!!!

Sam left some cards… she rocks!

Help from big brother to blow out the candle…

For the bounce house.

Hope you enjoyed!!!


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  1. This turned out cute, Ash! Nice job…can’t wait to team up with you soon!! 🙂

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