Styled Engagement: Coffee Addict

So, another of my dearest, best friends is getting married this year!

I know, I know… As a coworker said of me the other day, “You’re ALWAYS in a wedding.”

This is quite true, but really, how blessed am I to be able to be involved and intimately connected to so many weddings. Weddings are a beautiful thing. The joining of two people, two lives to become one in a change for everyone to see. Now THAT’S a privilege to be a part of.

So, this friend, my old roomie, my Blimpie’s-spill-fest partner, and by all means, the best coffee date ANYONE could ask for, just happens to love coffee and be incorporating it into her wedding!

This being the case, she asked me to help and style her engagement shoot, which I absolutely jumped at the chance. When we met (for coffee) to discuss all of the details, I gave my ideas, she shared what she already had seen and loved, and we definitely got some great vibes going. It all finally happened a couple of weeks ago, and Kristin was super thrilled with the end result. The genius phrase “love is brewing” was her idea, and I would say matched perfectly!

Both Kristin and her sister, Megan, helped me prepare all the stuff, and they did an amazing job. You girls are wonderful! ❤

Anyhow, we had a great time shooting, even through the extreme heat, and the whole day was just a huge blessing for me to be involved with. The tremendous Bethany shot the whole thing, and did an amazing job, as always.

Hope you enjoy!!!

The mugs were too plain, so I fixed that up 😉


Chocolate covered espresso beans, anyone???

I love monograms…. Kristin and Jason Curran (to be!)

Isn’t she too cute?!?!


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  1. Aww, I didn’t even realize you put this up OVER A MONTH ago. Duh, Kristin. I love the intro, brings to mind lots of smiles and memories. Thanks for being such a blessing to me, lady! Xoxo ❤

    • patternsonwalls

      Haha, no worries. I’m going to update it anyway since you sent me the rest of the pics so it was definitely not in vain. And you’re so welcome for everything. I am more than blessed to be involved and help in any way I can. Love you lady!!!!

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