Honored Again – Styled Floral Bridal Shower

Well, I’ve had the privilege to serve another friend as her maid of honor, and another privilege to help throw and decorate her bridal shower.

My wonderful friend Stacey is getting married on July 15th, and this past weekend was her shower. Stacey asked me to get some decorations together for her shower and I had a great time doing it. I love that girl dearly and am so blessed that she was happy with the way the party turned out.

She mostly wanted flowers to be the theme and highlight, so I tried to work that in the best I could. I used wine bottles from my job for centerpieces and embellished them with some fabric and paper flowers. The wine bottles are actually very reminiscent of my friend Kim’s bridal shower, which was at a winery that conveniently provided us with some empty wine bottles as well. I framed old fabric in the itty bitty frames as well, then used fresh flowers to accent it all. One sign helped to tie it all together as well. Flowers are fun and easy to work with, so I had a wonderful time doing all of this. I’ll let the pictures show the rest, though.

Hope you enjoy!

I went ahead and reused the card sign from Kim’s shower. Grey is such a perfect neutral that I couldn’t resist.

Clothespins for some special bridal shower items (if you know what I mean)

Her sign, “June Bloom”, simply because “June Bride” just isn’t accurate. πŸ˜‰

The main room….

And the gorgeous bride relaxing before her party… she’ll kill me for this haha πŸ™‚ Love you, Stace!


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