Inspired! – Showered

So, one of my bestest and longest-loved friends is getting married the day before Easter. I have the privilege to be her MOH (that’s Maid of Honor shorthand for those of you don’t understand my amazingly cool slang πŸ˜‰ ) and I just wanted to share the simple invitations I made for her Bridal Shower.

We’re having the shower at a Winery and I figured simple would be good, because really, the bride is simple and so easy going that I could have sent out ugly postcards and she would have been thrilled. Anywho, here’s just a little DIY kind of post for anyone who likes stamping and making your own things. Personally, I love stamps and I think they add a great feel to the invites, especially when paired with a little something extra.

Hope you enjoy!

Final product

Our colors. The purple is actually more saturated, as I wanted to have a color close to the wedding color scheme.

To add some detail and texture

White stamps to add a bit more texture… again

And together again.



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