Inspired! – Obsession du jour


Well, today I’m coming to you with the obsession/project/fascination that I’m currently drooling over.

A friend of mine is getting married this April (yay!), and for her bridal shower we may be going to a winery for a gorgeous outdoor luncheon. The grounds of this winery are beautiful, but the area where we will be having the event may not be completely private. So, what does this mean? IDEA TIME!

I figured the best way to share our space while creating our own little area would be to put up some kind of partition. While being decorative, this will also provide a bit of privacy for a more intimate feel.

Well, after doing some research on folding screens and room partitions, I thought our best bet would be for me to just make one! Sure, this sounds crazy, but I’m always down for a DIY project. I found several articles online giving different directions on how to make folding screens: some involving insulation boards and fabric, others requiring very sophisticated woodworking, and one that particularly struck my attention. The suggestion was to use old doors or shutters to create this partition. So, here we are, where I’ll now show you my take on it, which will eventually lead to its very own DIY project that I will post for you all with detailed instructions and photos to help the process along. For now, we’ll just start with some resources you would need for a project like this.

For shutter options, if you wanted to go with new shutters, Wichita Falls Exterior Shutters offers a variety of indoor and outdoor shutters ranging from about $30-$300 in price. They have a very wide selection of colors, styles, and dimensions.

Personally, I love these. I think any one of them in a variety of colors would make great folding screens, so basically, it would depend on your personal taste.

Again, also, you would absolutely have room to alter this if you have or could find some old shutters to use yourself.

Next step, some great hinges! Now, you may say “hinges are hinges are hinges”, but I, my friend, beg to differ. I found this little treasure of a site full of goodies, here at the House of Antique Hardware site. The “butt door hinges” in particular are a great find. And no, I’m not being cute.

Now, again, these (although great) tend to be a bit on the pricey side, so if you were able to find some at a garage/yard sale, or an old thrift store, then I’d say go that way. You could clean them up if they’re a little rusty, or leave it to add some vintage-y feel.

After you’ve assembled all of your pieces, you would basically just need to put it all together. Here’s some more sites that could have some treasures for you if you are, in fact, interested in this little project. Once I’ve created my own, I’ll show you all the end product and hopefully inspire some of you! Enjoy your perusal!

Vintage Door Hardware
Van Dykes Restorers
Legacy Building Materials
Al Egypt


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