Styled Engagement Shoot: Book Smart

Ok, people, so here it is. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least I’ve been waiting.


It was such an honor and privilege to work on this shoot with three of my closest friends. The gorgeous couple has been in my life for years, and I have a great honor of standing beside them in just 6 months as her maid of honor. Stacey and Christian, you are both an incredible blessing to me! And let me not forget, the lady who sparked this idea in the very first place,Β Bethany Belle ; since Stacey had a kind of themed shoot in mind, Bethany asked me if I wanted to pitch in, and the idea of styling was really spurred by her. No matter how good or bad the styling, its her great photography that really makes this stand out and look amazing.

Stacey was, of course, amazing to work with as well. Every outfit I put her in, she just looked incredible! And let’s not forget Christian: he was such a good sport! We posed them and shot them for quite a while, and they both held up incredibly well. We couldn’t have asked for better models!

My post will be quite similar to the one on Bethany’s blog, which you can access up above if you would like to contact her for work.

It is only my first, but all of my heart went into each and every idea. It was a TON of fun to do as well. πŸ™‚ I hope you all enjoy!

My favorite detail of the shoot. When Stacey said she wanted a bookish theme, this idea just sprang up out of nowhere. The fabric bookmarks were handmade with much love.

This little nook was right in the middle of the library! Such a great shot, and aren’t Stacey’s shoes just fierce?

Again, our location, and my favorite library ever.

Have I mentioned how much I love this place?

I adore these outfits as well. We used bow ties on both Christian and Stacey (in her hair, if you can spot it)Β that belonged to Stacey’s great grandfather which, while being super hip, also gave the style so much more meaning.

With Stacey, I went for layering and a kind of nerd-chic to accompany the great location.

Oh, ya know, this was just the backyard of the library… can you say, “wow!”?

Stacey loves lace, so we wanted to incorporate some, even if just in the details.

This took a very long time to accomplish, but I was happy with the result!

Stacey’s mom made the quilt they’re lying on, and the book Stacey is reading is a journal that the two write back and forth in. So sweet…

My favorite outfit I had Stacey in. She’s so easy to dress!

Stacey and Christian have been long distance for much of their relationship, so fabric envelopes seemed like a must to me.

Thanks again, to everyone involved!! It has been such a privilege working with you all.


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  1. Those are gorgeous pictures! That library is completely adorable.

  2. Sabryna Nichole Camacho

    i really liked the concept ash! you did a great favortie pic was the one of them outside with the little chair, and little drawer…

  3. You are amazing! I loved how it all turned out and love that we are friends πŸ™‚ You did such a fantastic job!

  4. Danielle Hernandez

    Looks great sister! Excited for you! You and Bethany make a great team!

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