Fresh Start

SO, if you’re coming to this site and it’s a completely different thing than you’re imagining, here’s why:


1) My old blog has moved! If you’re interested in still seeing and reading blog posts about scripture and what the Lord is showing me, you can go here: There’s a lot I still need to finish to make it pretty, but it’s all my old posts and everything.

I’ve cleared (transferred) all my posts from this blog, so we’re making a clean start here and now. This will now be my styling blog where I’ll show you what I’m currently making and doing stylistically for photo shoots, etc. If this is a strange concept to you, don’t worry, it was to me too, but upon a recent opportunity to stretch my creative muscles, I’ve made a decision to jump full force into an attempt at design and styling… we’ll see how it goes.

3) Again, this blog is mainly going to focus on style, design, creation, art, inspiration, etc.

So, take a look around and we’ll see how this new venture goes. Please leave feedback on what’s posted and let me know what you guys think so far.



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